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National Day Iraq 2019

Thursday, October 3, 2019

National Day is annually celebrated in Iraq on October 3.

This day celebrates anniversary of declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1932.

The territory of present-day Iraq had been a part of the Ottoman Empire since the late 14th century.

The Ottoman Empire was defeated during World War I and Iraq became the League of Nations mandate administered by Britain.

In 1921 Britain founded the Kingdom of Iraq under British administration and established Faisal I as King of Iraq.

In 1930 the new Anglo-Iraqi treaty provided better alliance between two nations, but it would come into force only after Iraq's admission to the League of Nations.

Kingdom of Iraq gained independence from the United Kingdom under King Faisal I on October 3, 1932.

Iraq became a member of League of Nations on the same day.

This anniversary is celebrated in Iraq as National Day (that is also referred to as Independence Day).

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